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The new and approved Permatex Epoxy series has an epoxy for every job. From the all new 500° High Heat Epoxy, to the Cellulose Wood Epoxy—we’ve got you covered. Our new 1 Minute and 5 Minute gel epoxy formula revolutionizes the traditional epoxy experience, as its thicker, non-drip consistency means no mess, waste, or clamping. These gel epoxies are also infused with a blue dye that disappears when the product is perfectly mixed—taking the guess work out of when to apply. Permatex Epoxies. Tough bonds for tough jobs.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-drip formula allows for mess free application
  • Can easily be applied to overhead and hard to reach places
  • Sets in just 1 minute/Cures in 5 minutes 
  • Blue dye indicator disappears when epoxy is ready to apply
  • No clamping required 
  • Bonds to: Metals, hard plastics, ceramics, rubber and more!

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