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Extended Courses 

Permatex extended courses are designed for professional mechanics, instructors, students and users interested in taking a deep dive into best application practises and gain in-depth product knowledge.

Certificate Course:

Take the knowledge quiz at the end of each extended course to earn your certificate. These certificates can be submitted towards annual ASE educational hours.

Estimated Time: 1 Hour


Selecting and Applying the Right Threadlocker


Selecting and Applying the Right Gasket Maker


Permatex mini courses are designed for users who want to learn a bit more about Permatex’s latest product innovation or gain insight on handy tricks and tips to common automotive repair jobs. These mobile-friendly mini courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime and are ideal for counter personnel and weekend warriors.

Estimated Time: 15-30 Minutes (depending on the course)


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Permatex Pro Tips

Permatex Pro Tips focuses around top jobs searched by users online, offering solutions to common mistakes and educating heavy DIYer’s to help them get the job done right the first time. The Pro Tips series features solutions from brake replacements to repairing your manifold.

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