Lesson 7: FAQs

Why did Permatex develop Optimum Easy Disassembly?

  • While Permatex RTVs are known to seal strong and keep your parts together. That strong seal can cause hours of wasted time prying and scraping old product off, damage the part you are working making it harder to use again. With the new Permatex Optimum Easy Disassembly line clean up and disassembly time is reduced by 90%. No more wasted time scraping, no more damage. 

How does Optimum Easy Disassembly work?

  • Apply product as normal and when it comes time to take that job apart simply agitate the parts loose and peel the gasket maker away with your fingers. It’s that easy!

Does Optimum Easy Disassembly still have maximum performance?

  • Yes, Permatex Optimum Easy Disassembly gasket makers still offer the same great performance you know and love. Black for Maximum Oil Resistance. Grey for Maximum Torque and Vibration Resistance. Red for Maximum Temperature Resistance. All of that with the new benefit of easy disassembly.