Lesson 6.2: Proper Removal

For proper removal, use the following method.

This process is just like removing any part from the car, but easier than most.

  1. Remove all the bolts. If the part can drop on its own leave 1 or 2 in a few turns.
  2. Try to wiggle the part loose. If it comes loose easily then remove it.
    • If it needs a little persuasion, try hitting it back and forth. Start with your hands up to using a rubber mallet. If there are “pry areas” outside the component, you can use a small pry bar to loosen it.
  3. Once you have the part on your “workbench “ the majority of the gasket maker should remove with just using your hands. I.e.. lift and pull or rubbing the gasket with your finger.
  4. Some gaskets may take a little more effort. You may need to use a plastic razor blade setup like our Safer Scraper (80191) or even use a little of our Gasket Remover (80645) which is normally recommended for Anaerobics and Gasket Sealers.